I purchased the aerospeed bx100 box fan May 17, 2012. On May 18,2012 ( less than 24 hrs.

after using this fan) My mobile home was destroyed by fire. This fan was the only electrical item being used in my bedroom ( which is were the fire started) other than my alarm clock. It was plugged in the same outlet my other fan had been plugged into for 2 months before I moved it to my living room. I had only had my home for 7 months prior.

I had a full electrical inspection done at time of purchase & all was fine. I had it rechecked post fire and nothing was wrong. I had two electricians chevk the fan. They both concluded thst the motor had seized up.

After finding several complaints on this product. 16 involving motors getting hot,melting, smoking etc. I determined mine was not an isolated case. I hired an attorney & I have filed suit against the manufacturer.

( CAMAIR ) This is still in the early stages, so a resolution as not been made. I am posting this complaint so that other consumers are aware that there IS a PROBLEM With this product. What concerns me is ...WHAT IF this fan was used in a child's room or by the elderly.

They may not have been LUCKY enough to get out alive. CAMAIR PLEASE take action to insure that others don't have this happen to them

Monetary Loss: $13500.

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Did your particular fan have a fuse in it?

West Newton, Pennsylvania, United States #1021190

I have also had a problem with this fan. The motor burned up on used 3 times.

Walked in my daughter's room find out a bad plastic smell. I unplugged it. My daughter is only 2 so she don't no how to tell me there's something wrong. Thank god I when to check on her at midnight (2hrs only the fan was on).

She could have died breathing in the toxins or worse caught the room on fire.....

Ankeny, Iowa, United States #1007224

How can I get a hold of Cam Air? I have to fans that I want report. The website on the box ( www.aerospeedfans.com ) does not go anywhere.


Last week I bought this fnns from a family dollar June 2015 in Michigan

Tonight june 17th I went into my kids room to get my new kitten and the room smelled horrid in had light smoke it was like burnt oil plastic only thing on was the face I emiditly u plugged it and on smelled it sure as *** it was the motor got so hot it was burning the back of fan melting the plastic not happy my kitten is sick and will be rushed to vets this is a $1500 kitten (american curl) this is my child and to watch my child suffer is the worst thing in the world!!! If my daughters were asleep in here they to would be sick and if I wouldn't of went in there we would of woke up to our home on fire these fans need recalled they are dangerous its beyond me why its still been sold these money hungry companies need shut down!!!

Shame on them!

If my cat doesn't make it I too will be filing a lawsuit!

And family dollar will hear my complaints until its dealt with!!!

Also I recommend TAKING IT TO THE NEWS!

Companies won't ignore thy issue once its gone viral believe me thats my plan!! I'll be taking it to fb and spreading the word too!

to Anonymous #1489698

I just brought the same box fan taking it back after reading your review


These fans are made in Chicago, Illinois. Did you notice that the anonymous comment is also from Chicago, Illinois?

I wonder if anonymous is a representative of Camair Fan Inc. Out of the thousands of cities in America, anonymous lives in the same city where the fans are manufactured.

Coincidence maybe. How many people do you know that owns 5 fans?

to Anyone #1561690

I do, and I have central air!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #739753

This situation was not caused by a CAMAIR fan. I have 5 of these fans and they are GREEEEEEEAT! On a side note, Lasko fans are terrible!

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